The best stories are told over coffee or a friendly drink between friends. When it comes to artists in the Christian music industry, these stories reveal so much more about the nature of faith and music than a press junket ever could.


CCM artists and musicians with a Christian faith straddle the line between faith and business, artistry and disillusionment. It redefines their view of God and changes the way they make music. But it also leaves them balancing issues few worship songs ever sing about: mental illness, grief, creative blocks, substance abuse, sex and the redefinition of faith.


So what would change if we had honest conversations about these things that hurt, and heal and changed us?


Between You & Me is an invitation for music makers to open up about what really matters to them. It is raw, unfiltered, and honest. These are the stories of the people who write the soundtracks to our lives—no holds barred.

Between You & Me will debut Nov 9.

About the host

Jessica Morris is an internationally published journalist who lives between Melbourne and Nashville, TN.

She is passionate about telling stories, and has interviewed artists including Switchfoot, Owl City, Lauren Daigle and NEEDTOBREATHE. A JesusWired contributor for 4 years, she has also been published by RELEVANT, Jesus Freak Hideout, FDRMX and To Write Love On Her Arms.

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