[REVIEW] Mulholland Drive by The Never Ending


Mulholland Drive

The Never Ending
Release Date: 24/6/2014
Rating: 4/5

There are certain expectations that come when a Disney star takes off in the music industry. The creation of a Disney sub-genre of pop/dance fluff seemed to precede the early tunes of Miley, Selena and Demi and as expected, it set them on the path of word wide success; then entered Debby Ryan.

Star of the Disney Channel TV series ‘Jessie,’ 21-year-old Ryan has just released the track ‘Mulholland Drive’ with her band the Never Ending and it is not what you expect. Soft, vulnerable and described by MTV as a “subtly gorgeous pop track,” the actress throws expectation to the wind as she sings an acoustic driven tune, more focused on the sheer honesty of lyrics than a radio friendly back beat. Stepping where none of her peers have gone before, what is even more unusual is Ryan’s decision to release their upcoming EP independently. No glitz, no glamour, just music; and you know what the coolest part of this is? The lady and her band pull it off.

The plucking of an acoustic guitar carries the melody of ‘Mulholland Drive,’ while Ryan’s fragile vocals tell the underlying truths of Hollywood. Velvety and pure in tone, there is an immediate sincerity that radiates from the singer’s delivery. Amidst the introspective feeling of the tune, you are transported to a late night car ride through the streets of downtown LA. In this, you realise the song is a testament to the reality of Hollywood and the band’s decision to remain true to themselves. As Ryan shared with MTV, “With any type of spotlight, the shadows get more noticeable. ‘Mulholland Drive’ tells the story of fighting for what’s light, what’s right, what’s real, and what’s never ending.” An understated and delicate tune, ‘Mulholland Drive’ finds its strength in the commitment to tell the band’s story with authentic and truthful eyes as they declare, “All the wrong won’t change the right. Just know that dark can’t hide the light.”

A fresh new sound is coming to Hollywood, and its name is the Never Ending. Their single ‘Mulholland Drive’ is available for streaming now with their debut EP “One” available on June 24.