10 Reasons Why I Should Marry a Superhero

1. My husband would look awesome in family photos. Seriously, he would always have something to wear and we could dress the kids up in matchies! Awww, the cuteness factor just reached new levels!

2. My home wouldn’t need a smoke alarm, security system or a guard dog. Ever.

3. As the superhero’s ‘girl’ I would have an awesome, butt kicking, all empowering job; Journalist, genius, scientist, CEO…the girls are changing the world just as much as the guys even though they get all the credit.

4. I would get a really cool sidekick/hero name and costume. As a general rule, any female in the superhero relationship is a mover and shaker… she needs a superhero to save her when she uncovers all the secrets of the bad guys. This means that I would get an awesome lycra costume in iridescent colour with a cape (which somehow always looks good), AND a rad name!

5. Family vacations would be cheap. Whether he could fly, jump, smash or leap into his high powered spaceship and jet off to Pluto, the days of saving up for plane tickets would be well and truly over!

6. Aside from the occasional press commitment as “insert superhero name,” life would be media free. If we avoid the paparazzi finding out my man’s secret identity we can live relatively normal lives.
*Note to self: Don’t marry Tony Stark.

7. We would save the world; not just by taking down the bad guys (literally) but by saving an entire country with all the profits my hubby would make out of his multibillion dollar movie deal with Marvel.

8. My husband would be a gentleman. I mean, how impressive would it be when he walked through the door and firmly shook my dad’s hand after giving my mother a bouquet of flowers? And if he was foreign, say from Asgard, he would speak with a somewhat old-English tone what would sweep all the rellies off their feet, “How does doth do today? You have a fine dwelling, I believe it nearly matches the beauty of ye daughter.” Yep, I can work with that.

*Note to self: Definitely don’t marry Tony Stark. Consider Captain America or Thor?

9. Even when the hubby is away working, the kids would still see daddy on the TV. “Look mummy, daddy’s holding up the burning building again!”

10. I would never, ever have to iron. Because lycra doesn’t wrinkle.