10 Weird Things About America

1. Pennies

A heavy wallet normally equates to heaps of cash, not so in the USA. When they say 99c, they mean it and will hand you a shiny (or not so much) penny that you ‘saved’. I would personally like to speak to the inventor of pennies and ask them what the heck they were thinking. Because 200 years later, the only thing pennies are saving tourists from is giving one dollar bills as tips, and realizing they are ripping of their server in thinking the pile of coin is worth much more than the 10c it accumulates too.

2. Portion Size

There is a reason this country has an obesity epidemic, and I believe the American ideal of ‘large’ is at fault. FYI, in Australia our large is your medium. Yes you are correct, we struggle with obesity too. Perhaps we just need to start looking at what we are actually consuming? But it just tastes so good! Evidently you can never have enough options whether it comes to peanut butter or fast food restaurants.


 3. Free Refills

What is this madness that has a waiter refill our large glass with soda FOR FREE without even asking? I love you America, I really do.

4. Hospitality

I am sincerely sorry that servers in America make a minimum, minimum wage. Yet I find their earnestness to actually serve me refreshing. They deserve the high tips they work for, so tip them well (with bills, not just pennies)

5, Flags

I am glad American’s love their country, really I am. I love the founding fathers and the story of how America became independent, but I am yet to fathom the passion these people have for their flag. They seem to repopulate, especially around naval and air force bases.


6. Kangaroos

Didn’t expect this, did you? But I believe American’s are more obsessed with the Kanga than Aussies are. Seriously, they have peanut butter named ‘Skippy’, an entire hair care range named ‘Aussie’ and a restaurant chain called the ‘Outback Steakhouse’. We have none of these, except for a single restaurant in Sydney. I am glad you love the kangaroo, but contrary to popular belief we do not ride them to work.

7. The Accent Phenomenon

Can anyone tell me how one country contains so many accents? The ‘Hollywood’ style of the West coast, the southern drawl, mid- western slang, thick east coast accents, and the nearly non-accent of the middle situated American. Their ability to express certain phrases and emotions in a plethora of ways impresses me. It overwhelms me too, but that is part of America’s charm.


8. Their Passion

If there is one thing American’s will never be, it is apathetic. Whether it comes to religion, politics or sports these people have an opinion and are often willing to share it. A tip for any travelers, don’t bring it up if you don’t want to talk about it. Also, insulting historical figures is a no-no. Trust me on that one.

9. Opposites

Why do you drive on the right side of the road America? It is especially terrifying when a tourist must sit on the opposite side of the car. And then there is the debacle of which side of the footpath (aka sidewalk) we are meant to walk on…this confusion leads to so many awkward moments. Not to mention the fact your 5c and 10c coins are the wrong sizes. When did Mr 5 cents earn the right to be larger than his older brother? Also, consider the metric system, I beg of you. Kilometers and Celsius are so much easier to understand!

10. The Little Things

When you travel to the USA, it will not be these 9 factors that strike you as odd straight away, it will be the small things. Like the unreasonably sized gaps between toilet doors, the odd light switches, seeing the obese sized cars on the road and not having a ticking noise to monitor when you can cross the road.  You will feel as though you are in a parallel universe, and you are. It is called the United States of America. But with time and a little adjusting, it is possible to appreciate this giant country and its people. You are not alone in this strange new world dear tourist, for many have come and conquered before.