[REVIEW] Step by Crooked Colours

crooked colours step.jpg


Crooked Colours

It's been a year since we last heard from electronic three-piece Crooked Colours, and we don't blame them for wanting to try their best to carry on from the success of “In Your Bones”. They delivered, though, and new track “Step” takes us on an eerie and alluring journey filled with deep and subtly placed synths and just enough EDM tones to give it a kick. Philip Slabber’s vocals will captivate you on the track as they draw you in to an intimate moment of love and lust, and, aided by the group's ability to insert surprising beats and hooks, you'll find while listening through that you discover more and more enticing parts as it goes along.

“Step” will be available on iTunes October 8, and, if you're in NYC and would like to hear it played live, come check out a performance by the act at our first-ever CMJ showcase on October 14. You can find details for the event HERE.