[INTERVIEW] Jordan Bailey, ‘I’m pretty vulnerable’

There is something transparent about Jordan Bailey. Collating his life experiences in three minute snap shots, it seems appropriate that his sophomore EP is titled Clear, because in his music, there is nowhere to hide.

“The songs, as a whole are definitely inspired by love, and I think regardless if the stories are true or not, I get emotionally attached to everything I write,” he says.

“And so, that’s why I came up with ‘Clear’, ‘cause I’m pretty vulnerable, and some of the lyrics you can see right through me.”

The up and coming singer/songwriter has become a Geelong local after moving from Queensland to complete his Diploma of Music, and marking the Melbourne gig scene with Bailey’s resonant vocals and acoustic driven songs.

“Each song is quite different I think, or I tried to make it different. The [genre is] kind of heart on your sleeve with an intense emotion. I guess a lot of that is kind of pop/rock on the EP, with a bit of hip/hop kind of feeling in one of the songs, and a bit of folk in the other songs with the saxophone, so I’ve kind of got a mainstream feel with my singing.”

Learning how to play saxophone at 10 years old, and then picking up his guitar at 16, Bailey recorded the tracks at home, adding his own stamp of authenticity to the tales of love, loss and grief.

“I suppose some people take out their emotions by going for a run – I just need to write music. And I suppose there’s a narcissistic side to me where I want people to hear it, and it’s like you’re a little kid ‘cause you need to hear and be told that you’re good,” he says.

“I’ve gone through lots of loss in my life, and I’ve gone through a broken family with lots of people with broken stories – some of them [involve] people with mental health – so I’ve always kind of been around the environment of helping and brokenness. I suppose sometimes I want to feel that, so I write a song about it.

“The five songs describe love, cheating and death as a concept. Just different ways to express that.”

Loosing his brother while finishing his last year of school, he penned the moving song ‘Good bye’ for his sibling, which was included on his debut release. Now with Clear, Bailey is donating half of the proceeds to his brother’s favourite organisation: “I wanted to honour him by giving half the proceeds to Destiny Rescue.”

Coming together in his EP launch at the Revolver Lounge on October 23, and followed by a regional tour, he will perform the tracks from Clear with a full band.

“I’ve also got a violin coming on stage and a few other singers – it’s going to be a good show.” Local acts Nat J and Birthday Girl open for Bailey, before he takes the audience on a sincere and memorable journey.

“When you can get [the audience] so motivated they’re singing along, that’s the biggest adrenaline rush,” shares Bailey. “I want to inspire people.”

Jordan Bailey’s Clear EP launch is at the Revolver Lounge, Prahran on October 23 at 8pm. Later dates include Ballarat’s Babushka Lounge on Oct 29, Clunes’ The Lucky Strike Lounge on Oct 30, Bendigo’s Billyroy’s Blues Bar on Oct 31, Ravenswood The Big Hill Vineyard on Nov 1, and the Batesford Hotel Nov 29. Tickets available at moshtix.com.au.