[REVIEW] Dylan Joel at The Workers Club, Geelong

Hip hop can be an acquired taste, but when it came to Dylan Joel’s gig at the Workers Club Geelong, he had everyone grooving to his upbeat and quirky tunes. With solid opening performances from Jess Fairlie, Hash Brown and DEX, Dylan took the stage as part of his Authentic Lemonade tour, and in seconds he had people moving their feet and waving their hands.

From the first lines of ‘Fresh’, it was clear he was thoroughly invested in the music, and he continuously threw out opportunities for the crowd to join in. Naturally, the Workers Club was set alight with his rendition of his classic ‘Cool Kids’ (you just can’t get past the homage to Wicked), but his new tunes set the bar even higher.

Performing the moving ‘Hope Is…’ a Capella, sliding into the jazz sounds of ‘Swing’, and even moving effortlessly into his own rendition of Drake’s ‘Good Girl’ (who thought it could actually sound good?), it was a night dedicated to filling the ears and the hearts of the crowd with good music, good times, and positive vibes.

Encouraging people to move out of their comfort zones, Dylan and the band did more than just tell us to dance, they actually finished the set with a synchronised swing number before jumping into the crowd for a dance sesh. His hip hop and rap skills were on point throughout the evening, even making a convert out of this self professed pop lover, and you couldn’t fault his musicality as he showed off his skills as a singer and guitarist.

In one word, Dylan Joel’s set at the Workers Club just made you feel good. Drummer Nathan Wilson, and guitarist/mixer Pat Gabriel smashed it, bringing a unity and fun to the stage. Dylan Joel made it even more clear that he is one of the best, and one of a kind, in the Oz hip hop scene. If you haven’t heard this guy yet you really need to get on it, because he guarantees you a good time.