No alcohol, no problem

I was a teenager when I made the conscious decision not to drink alcohol. I prefer to be clear-headed and present when I am out with friends, and alcohol keeps me from this. However, my choice has left me devoid of options. While my friends sip on their colourful beverages, I drink water or soft drink.

I’m not the only person who experiences this. Pregnant women, reformed alcoholics and people who don’t want to drink have been sorely overlooked at restaurants and parties for years. But here’s the great news—non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, and they’re not your standard, boring choices either. 

Mocktails, juices, teas and special blends—this new fad is full of well-balanced flavours, exciting tastes and delicious choices. Next time you go out, try ordering one of these new drinks off the menu.

Egyptian iced tea
A good tea will blend fragrances that take you to another place, so try an Egyptian iced tea made from hibiscus, honey, agave syrup or sugar syrup. Its bright red appearance gives it the excitement of any alcoholic drink, yet it is full of vitamin C and regulates blood pressure.

El Verde
A fancier version of the juice you get from a takeaway cafe, the El Verde combines cucumber juice, celery juice, green tea, lime juice and agave nectar to create a taste that complements fish-based, Japanese and Mexican flavours. It is presented with a pinch of salt and a green leaf, giving it a touch of class.

Juniper syrup
If you want a sweet treat, order juniper syrup. Its deep purple colour makes it look like a cocktail, minus the alcohol content. A mix of sugar syrup and juniper berry, it will take you to northern Italy as you sip the icy beverage.

Like a Mojito, but without the alcohol, this popular mocktail consists of lime juice, lemonade, mint leaves and brown sugar. It is refreshing and the perfect light accompaniment to a meal. 

Shirley Temple
A classic mocktail, this Shirley Temple namesake is both sweet and bubbly. Mix grenadine with ginger ale, and you can sip on this tantalising drink all night. 

Ginger lemonade
More than your average soft drink, ginger lemonade has an aroma that will remind you of Grandma’s house. The sweet maple syrup, mixed with ginger and the zest of lemon juice, gives this one a zing that is perfect for eating out.