[REVIEW] The River Sings by Sandra Leigh Price

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The River Sings

Sandra Leigh Price
Rating: 3.5 / 5

In this evocative historical drama, we drift between the lives of two separate women—young mother Patrin, and her daughter Eglantine. Set in 18th century England where thieves are either hung or shipped as convicts to Australia, Patrin is a gypsy woman who falls desperately in love with gentlemanly thief Amberline Stark.

However, as the story unfolds between her mysterious death and journey to adulthood, we learn about the cost of love, greed, pride and deceit in riveting and shocking ways.

Sandra Leigh Price makes this novel thick with description—sometimes to a fault. However, it all works together to create an intriguing story that inevitably lures you in. Symbolic, historically accurate and extremely layered, it is impossible not to grow emotionally attached to each character in the book, no matter how flawed or broken they may be.