Salvos branch out with Salvos Funerals

The Salvation Army has announced its new initiative, Salvos Funerals to provide affordable funerals for families in Sydney and the Central Coast.

Funeral options begin at around $2,000 (which cuts costs by up to 75 per cent), and a standard funeral comes in under $5000. Salvos Funerals also caters to people of all cultural, religious and family backgrounds, with personnel fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish and French.

Dubbed the “ethical face of the funeral industry”, all of the Salvos Funerals profits go back into the Army’s community work.

“Salvos Funerals is a much needed Salvation Army initiative which continues a legacy of supporting vulnerable people,” CEO Malcolm Pittendrigh told Warcry.

“Our price point is competitive and comparable to major funeral providers. Funerals are expensive, particularly in major cities, and Salvos Funerals provides a much needed option.”

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