[REVIEW] The Garden by Kari Jobe


The Garden

Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe is known for her angelic voice and worship anthems, but in her latest album The Garden she offers something new: an unflinching vulnerability.

Penned after she a family member lost a child, determination to find Christ in her brokenness has formed a profound and stirring collection of songs that will draw you closer God.

The depth of this album resides in the delicate melody of each song, ranging from the light touch of piano and strings in title track The Garden to the synth tones grounding Miracles and The Cause of Christ.

While some singers rely purely on their vocal ability or a good melody to carry a song, Kari displays her maturity as an artist by partnering equally evocative lyrics and music with her exquisite vocals. 

The juxtaposition of Kari’s struggles with the majestic quality of each song will heal your soul, making The Garden one of the most important worship albums of 2017.

You don’t want to miss out on this release by one of Christian music’s most influential worship leaders. 

The Garden (Deluxe Edition) is available from Koorong for $21.99 and iTunes for $20.99.