[REVIEW] Let Hope Rise - Hillsong documentary


Let Hope Rise


You’d be forgiven for assuming the Hillsong: Let Hope Rise movie is a cliché puff piece about the Sydney mega church.

In reality, it’s a well-articulated documentary—or rather ‘worship experience’, directed Michael John Warren, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious music directors.

Released in cinemas in October 2016, the film was instigated by Warren - a professed non-Christian - and the Hillsong team were hands off in the production of this film, which makes the authenticity and gratitude displayed in the final cut all the more credible. 

Chronicling the rise of Hillsong church and its UNITED band from their days in the Sydney Hills to the uber successful entity they are today, it is filled with beautifully shot music sequences, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Not just a documentation of the creation of their Billboard Top 10 album Empires and a set at The Forum in Los Angeles, it delves into the lives of the band members, and is unafraid to confront topics like personal tragedy, illness, moral depravity and family life. 

The steadfast belief that Christ is the reason for Hillsong’s global success comes through in spades, and it’s humbling to put human stories to the ‘biggest band you’ve never heard of’—well, outside the wider church anyway. 

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is available at Koorong for $21.99.

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