[INTERVIEW] Faye DeLanty, 'A Style Revivalist is a super-cool, Earth-loving being'

In National Op Shop Week, Salvos Stores ambassador Faye De Lanty is daring every Aussie to become a Style Revivalist and change people’s lives.

Fashion Hound TV host Faye De Lanty has always loved slow fashion. Between her father’s love of antiques and her mother’s green thumb, she has always sought the most environmentally friendly options when it comes to her clothing choices. 

Add to that a stint hosting Totally Wild and a dependence on op shopping when she travelled overseas, and you could say Faye is the perfect advocate for Salvos Stores* this National Op Shop Week (27 August–2 September). 

Focusing on the theme ‘The lifecycle of a garment,’ Faye wants Aussies to understand the power they have when they choose to go op shopping.

“Statistics show that each individual buys around 20 kilos of clothing a year, so that means most items have been reduced to a single wear!” explains Faye.

“A great way to break this cycle and embrace slow fashion is with op shopping. When you source your fashion from a charity like Salvos Stores you are not only diverting textile waste from landfill and giving it a second chance at life, op shopping also empowers people and the mission of The Salvation Army too.”

Gone are the days of gaudy, dodgy and smelly op shop finds and bric-a-brac. Today, an astute customer can create their own luxe look and find near-new, high-quality garments for every occasion. Faye calls these people ‘Style Revivalists’ and she wants you to become one too.

“A Style Revivalist is a super-cool, Earth-loving being who believes in reusing and recycling their fashion. They love to breathe new life into what is already in existence rather than always buying new,” she says. 

“They are super-keen DIYers, savvy with their style, and know how to create incredible looks that don't cost the earth.” 

This passion has driven Faye to take the Style Revivalist Tour on the road. Through August, she is appearing at Salvos Stores along Australia’s East Coast.

To launch National Op Shop Week, she will also be representing Salvos Stores at a Salvos curated event in Sydney from 31 August to 2 September.

She will cover the basics of being eco-chic, simple tips to customise your clothes, how to save money and how to shop like a stylist; and each stop doubles as a exhibition, a DIY hub and pop-up op shop.

And the best part? It’s free, and you’re invited to join Faye and become a Style Revivalist in your own right.

“What drives me so much is changing people’s perception of pre-loved and I'm so passionate about it because it can do so much good for the planet. It's a powerful platform—I feel so honoured to be of service through style,” says Faye.

Read Faye De Lanty’s top 10 tips for op shopping here.
For Style Revivalist tour dates and information about Salvos Curated, visit salvosstores.salvos.org.au/about-us/news-and-events/national-op-shop-week-2017.

*Faye is the ambassador for Salvos Stores in NSW, Qld and ACT.