The ultimate list of great Christian podcasts - part 1

If you haven’t caught onto the trend yet, podcasts are all the rage right now.

Instead of just listening to music or the radio, people of all ages are tuning in to free weekly episodes about their favourite subjects. Ranging in time from 15 mins to an hour and half, hosts talk about anything and everything, from crime sagas, pop culture run downs, sports commentary and interviews with interesting people.

During a season of commuting, podcasts became a staple in my life. Along the way, I discovered some great spiritual podcasts that entertain, enlighten, teach and challenge me. Here’s a list of some of my favourites.


This is hands down my favourite podcast. The editorial team from RELEVANT magazine have released a weekly episode for more than 10 years, and discuss the intersection of spirituality and culture. Throw in lots of banter and laughs and you’re in for a good time.

The Robcast  
People either love or hate controversial author Rob Bell, but his personal podcast is a taster of his teaching, thoughts and a glimpse into his inner life. This will challenge your perception of Christ, all with contemplation and fun.

Bad Christian
If you consider yourself a misfit, a rebel or someone completely disillusioned with the church, you will love Bad Christian. Hosted by EMERY’s Matt Carter and Toby Morrell, it has a no holds barred approached to Christianity, which extends to the topics they discuss, their language and the guests they speak to.


On Being with Krista Tippett
Krista Tippet’s interviews are beautifully produced, yet still retain the authenticity of her initial conversation. Conducted in front of a live audience, you feel a connection with her guest through the screen – no easy feat.

Fun Therapy with Mike Foster
A relatively new podcast under the RELEVANT umbrella, counsellor, author and creator of People of The Second Chance, Mike Foster, interviews some of his closest friends and quite literally conducts therapy with them. It is moving and you come away feeling less alone in the world.

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey
Photographer and storyteller Branden Harvey heads Good Good Good Co, a brand that focuses on spreading good news in an increasingly negative world. In his podcast, he interviews fascinating people, unravelling their greatest dreams and challenges, and why they want to change the world for good.


The New Activist

The New Activist is hosted by Eddie Kaufholz, a mainstay of the RELEVANT podcast  and a counsellor who is on staff at International Justice Mission. Each week he interviews an activist at the forefront of a social issue, be it human trafficking, racial injustice or gang ministry.

The Liturgists
Musician Michael Gungor and scientist Mike McHargue host this alternative podcast, which alternates between conversation, interviews, contemplative music and thoughts on living a less evangelical and more liturgical