General Burrows' legacy lives on

The legacy of former Salvation Army world leader, General Eva Burrows, continues to impact Salvationists around the world. In a fitting tribute to “The People’s General”, the Eva Burrows Library was dedicated at the Australia Southern Territory’s Catherine Booth College on Wednesday 10 February. The library is a lasting memorial to General Burrows, who was a constant supporter of and teacher at, the college. A result of General Eva’s bequest, the library also ncludes books from her own collection.

Territorial Commander, Commissioner Floyd Tidd, also announced the inaugural General Eva Burrows Scholarship. Recognising the General’s work in both Australia and Africa, the annual scholarship will enable a female Salvationist who works with the marginalised in Australia to participate in a leadership development opportunity. The grant will also be awarded to Salvationists in Africa, giving them access to education and leadership opportunities.

To commemorate the dedication of the library, the General’s sister, Emma Southwell, fellow officer Commissioner John Clinch, and friend and student Lieutenant Meg Dale, took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.