London calling for Territorial Youth Band

More than 30 young Salvationists from across Australia will share the God’s message with the world when the AUS Territorial Youth Band tours the United Kingdom next month.

The band will co-headline with award-winning singer Silvie Paladino at venues across London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Hythe, Bedford, Sunderland and Morriston (Wales) from 27 May.

The highlight will be a performance for Symphony Sounds at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, on 3 June. The event will also feature the International Staff Band and The International Staff Songsters.
Members of the band, who auditioned for their place from corps across Australia, have been preparing for the tour since January.

“I am most looking forward to the opportunity to not only play for people in another country, but to share God’s message through the pieces we play – the same message that is shared in The Salvation Army all over the world,” said Jayden Wigley, who plays second cornet.

“Being able to represent Australia over in the UK is awesome, and sharing this experience with other members of the band is even better. Seeing different parts of the world will be cool.”

The 17-year-old from Perth Fortress Corps and his brother Nathan, 15, have travelled from Western Australia to rehearse in Melbourne numerous times for the event.
“Rehearsal, getting all the music together and learning how to play isn’t always easy,” Jayden laughed.

Members of the band receive their music by email and must practice diligently in their own time so they are ready for rehearsals in Melbourne.

“We learn what we need to improve on, go home and practise again, then come back for another rehearsal. We go home and practise [home], touching up the little bits and then fly to Melbourne ready for our tour,” he said.
Bandmaster Ken Waterworth is delighted to be leading the band tour. “I am looking forward to the wonderful ministry time with the members of Youth Band. Seeing young people using their gifts in proclaiming Jesus’ name does us old guys good. 
“I am passionate about the spiritual impact a group like the TYB can have on the lives of young musicians. In the past young people's lives have been changed and I believe will be changed again because of this tour.”