Relevant Christianity? Blimey Cow they've done it!

Christianity has been labeled many things. From ‘traditional’ to ‘fundamentalist’, the variety of terms used to describe the core beliefs of a large group of people seems to have extreme variations; but ‘hilarious,’ ‘funny’ or even…‘relevant’? Well, that might be stepping over the mark. YouTube comedy show Blimey Cow begs to differ.

A six minute video involving the antics of a 21 year-old College Junior as he expresses his opinions on everything from dating, forgiveness and even Batman, is becoming the face of a generation of young people committed to the Christian faith. Jordan Taylor joined by brother Josh and sister in law Kelli are Blimey Cow. An enterprise beginning in 2005 when the Nashville based brothers filmed their exploits for pure entertainment; it has since become a YouTube phenomenon racking up over 180 videos, with nearly 97,000 subscribers and 16 million views.

The recipe for Blimey Cow appears fairly basic. An average young adult steps in front of the camera and starts talking about something, anything. ‘Messy Mondays’ discusses socially taboo topics (including everything from The Truth about Youth Group to The One About Sex); ‘Jordan’s Messyges,’ often involving Jordan telling viewers to spell things correctly and NOT cheat on their girlfriends; and lastly ‘Blimey Cows’ chronicling the bizarre every day antics of their lives.

This trio appears unafraid of breaching any social norm, often challenging the viewer’s concept of religion. “Every time we release a video, I think, “I’ve taken it a little too far this time. No one will relate to it. It’s a little too fringe,” says Josh, director and editor of the YouTube show, “Then the support comes pouring in.” Evidently the public loves the witty sarcasm and blunt remarks even with Blimey Cow’s controversial take on mission trips, worship music and dating.

It was only when their most successful video 7 Lies about Homeschoolers reached over 1 million views that they realised they were creating something special. “The response was so big and so immediate, I had to sit back and reassess everything I had thought,” shares Josh. “I realized our audience was going to be the people that were looking for someone to come alongside them and say, “You aren’t crazy.”


On watching Blimey Cow, you will find yourself questioning whether the siblings are being heretics or if their sarcasm actually points you to the authentic truth of Christianity. As Jordan effortlessly points out the hidden motives and truths behind so many of our actions, his words can be taken with conviction or offense. In an interview with Nashville News 2, Kelli is quick to point out there is logic behind their humour, “We like to take a poke at [issues] and say this is how we…think about it. It’s funny right?”

Whether you love, hate or are just totally lost for words by them, Blimey Cow will make you question the very nature of church and popular culture. “You can only know what you truly believe by questioning things,” explains Josh. In an era where technology and therefore knowledge is at our fingertips, perhaps this questioning is the mark of a new portrayal of Christianity. In this, Blimey Cow mirrors a generation unashamed of their faith and their search for truth; a generation marked for their authenticity in a culture that prides itself on appearance and keeping with the status quo.

Now releasing two videos a week and with the impending launch of the Blimey Cow Audio Network featuring numerous podcasts, it is certain Blimey Cow can only reach new heights, “We are finding our voice along the way,” shares Josh, “It’s a very exciting time.” Holding a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initiative, the trio reached their $1,700 goal within 40 minutes of its launch and has now passed the $14,000 mark.

It is clear that Blimey Cow is no longer just a fun project for the Taylor family, but a means of young Christians from all walks of life finding their voice on the internet. Meanwhile the trio is showing the world that traditional, boring religion is so old school. The world is crying out for a fresh, new face to Christianity and Blimey Cow, these homeschooler’s have done it!