[REVIEW] Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Captain America:The Winter Soldier

Out now
Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson, Samuel L Jackson
Rating: 5/5

Just when you thought it was impossible for Marvel to release another film that is actually quality, they hit gold. Proving that the cardinal rule of the original trumping the sequel is a fallacy in the Marvel Universe, they have come out all guns blazing with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America (Chris Evans) first hit the big screen in Captain America: The First Avenger and returned in the blockbuster success The Avengerswhere we saw him befriend (or not so much) the likes of Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk. In this latest installment we see Cap adjusting to life in the modern world. Post the battle of New York, Nick Fury and SHIELD are pushing technology developed for civilian protection to the limits. Consequentially, the star spangled hero must navigate his purpose as a soldier and a man in a society where good and evil are not so clear cut anymore.

Fans of the original movie will be pleased to see remnants of Steve Rodgers past find their way into the story line; both through the continuation of the plot and recall of his past relationships and experiences. While there is a sense that SHIELD have created  Captain America 2.0 , audiences will be applauding his characteristic integrity and boldness as he embraces the values of his past while accepting the dramatic changes in his life- a primary reason the character remains so likable three movies into his saga.

With top notch action sequences and special effects, this long movie (over 2 hours worth) will fly by for viewers, causing them to gasp at the plot twists occurring right down to the moment the credits stop rolling. True fans of Marvel will be pleased with the authentic portrayal of the Captain, Chris Evans displaying the unwavering courage of the superhero who took down Hydra and the Nazi regime. While his unchanging nature could be perceived as one dimensional, the addition of characters, old and new alike, show vulnerability and conflict within the hero as the world he has been reintroduced to crumbles around him.

Never short of breath taking moments, fans will be entranced by Samuel L. Jackson’s depiction of a mysterious and conflicted Nick Fury, and will share the Captain’s mixed emotions on finding out his old friend Bucky is now the assassin known as the ‘Winter Soldier’ (Sebastian Stan).  Audiences will love Marvel’s trademark one liners, extraordinary stunts and the iconic bread crumb trail left for super fans as they anticipate the continuation of the Captain America saga and the Avengers 2.

Beginning the superhero season with a bang, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an electrifying and fitting chapter in the life of Steve Rodgers and the Marvel Universe; true to Marvel’s reputation, it will only leave you wanting more. *Never fear, the superhero movie season is here! In addition to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel will be releasing Guardians of the Galaxy and The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise of Electro in the coming months as we prepare for the release of The Avengers: the Age of Ultron in 2015.