Five Reasons Delta Goodrem is Still Amazing

Not to long ago the Australian public adored Delta Goodrem. Breaking into the music industry at just 17, her debut album ‘Innocent Eyes’ was named the highest selling Australian album of the last decade; her concerts were packed and her every move was watched by loyal fans.  Then there was silence, Delta moved to the USA and we simply…forgot.



Enter 2012 and a new reality TV show called ‘The Voice’ became prime time viewing; Delta is back and is one of four celebrity mentors for undiscovered musicians. Yet the media and social networking sites slammed her, calling Delta a ‘diva’ and scrutinising her every movement. Well I’m here to tell you that Delta is still amazing; so pull out your older sister’s dusty copy of ‘Innocent Eyes’, stick it in the CD player and read these five reasons why Delta Goodrem is just as inspiring now as she was a decade ago.

1. Delta is not afraid to be herself

Have you seen the way Delta jams while she listens to the singers on ‘The Voice’? She is completely comfortable in who she is and her individuality. I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to be more like that.

 2. Delta is a survivor

While Delta is now 28, she was diagnosed with a form of cancer called ‘Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’ when she was just 18. Delta fought a hard battle while in the spotlight and willingly shared her struggles with the public to help others. Could this girl be any more amazing? 

3.  Delta’s music is timeless

Whether you are listening to the beautiful lyrics of ‘Born to Try’ or rocking out to ‘Sitting On Top of the World’, Delta’s music has the ability to connect with you at any stage of your life. Just ask me, I fell in love with Delts at 13 and to this day know her first two albums word for word.

4. Delta has style

While there is no denying that Delta always looks amazing (how could we forget those glasses?), the dignity and class with which she lives out her life are second to none. Delta has consistently showed us that true beauty comes from within.

5. Delta does not give up

Going through heartbreak, illness, grief and public hatred, Delta has never given up on her dreams. No matter what the public has said, she has stayed strong to become one of the most recognised and respected Australian musicians of our generation.