My Fall Playlist

Whether you hear them incessantly on the radio or they spring up on your iPod shuffle, there are some songs that stay with you for a season, literally. Here is My Fall Playlist.

Still Into You- Paramore

Perhaps it’s the fact that I want to mosh every time Hayley Williams starts rocking out; or maybe it’s because my best friends got married to this song. In any case, Paramore’s latest single has been a constant friend in Florida- and I love it! How many people write a love song about a relationship that has been maintained for years? Not many, that’s for sure. Hayley Williams, you are epic.

Brave- Sara Bareilles

It started with the video; random people in a flash mob. Cool, I can work with that. Then I heard the song and put them together…AMAZINGNESS. Doesn’t this song just make you want to be brave? I actually feel like I could run a marathon with this playing in my ears, and I hate running. And cue, “SHOW ME, HOW BIG YOUR BRAVE IS!”

Say It Like You Mean It- New Empire

We’ve already established that I am obsessed with this band’s music, so it should come as no surprise that they made it onto My Fall Soundtrack. With their trademark rifts, awesome vocal and inspiring lyrics, I fell in love with this song instantly. Nice work guys, this is epic.

Wrecking Ball- Miley Cyrus

Initially I tried to avoid this song, I had heard about the film clip and that was enough to let me know I needed to stay away. I mean, being naked on a wrecking ball, really? Then I heard the song. Oh my goodness, Miley is an amazing vocalist! The sincerity and vulnerability of her delivery is breath taking. I sincerely wish there was a different film clip to accompany this song, because it really does deserve its success.

Like A Drum- Guy Sebastian

There are some songs that take you back home when you travel, and ‘Like A Drum’ is one of those songs. Maybe it’s because I have such a strong recollection of downloading some of his music 2 years ago in Minnesota and playing on repeat at least 10 times, but this happy tune makes me remember the good things about home and the awesome things coming.

Someday We’ll Know- Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman

I know what you’re thinking, “This song is like a decade old, what’s it doing on her Fall ’13 playlist!?”. True enough, but I actually never knew it was a duet between these two singers until I got to Florida. Being at TWLOHA and all, I sort of listened to Switchfoot for the irony of it, and this came up. Flashbacks to A Walk To Remember, the tears…so many emotions! I love this song, Jon Foreman has a spectacular voice.