Five ways to beat stress

Around the Easter break, stress comes to the forefront of our lives. We’re rushing to finish all our work in time for vacation, or we bring it home to get on top of everything.

Then there’s the stress that we experience around the holidays—seeing family and friends, cooking and entertaining, not to mention making sure your in laws don’t start a debate about international politics. Before long you’ve got a headache, your back starts to spasm, and spending time with the kids feels like more of a chore than a privilege.

Can you relate? If stress is controlling your life this Easter break, these five tips will help you get it back under control.

1. Stop and breathe

It may seem simple, but when we’re stressed and on a deadline, taking the time to stop and breath feels like the most difficult step of all.

If everything feels like too much and pausing feels impossible, give yourself permission to stop for a minute. Exit to the bathroom or the hallway, and take five deep breaths in and out. This will clear your head and ease the tension in our body before you go back to your task. You will be more productive, and your stress will lessen significantly.

2. Make a list

Some people have so much to do that they spend more time leaping from one task to another rather than actually finishing a task! If that’s you, then make a list. Prioritise your tasks from what is most important or time sensitive, to what can be put on the back burner. Once you’ve made the list, follow it and complete each task one at a time. This will give you a sense of clarity and control. Plus, crossing an item off your list is a great ego boost!

3. Take a walk

Spending time outside and exercising are natural stress reducers and will lift your mood. Take half an hour to walk around the block or grab a coffee, and use the time to centre yourself. Focus on nature, the taste of your drink, or the wind on your face. This will settle you before you go back to the grind.

4. Set aside time for rest

Working non-stop is a natural response to stress, but it actually perpetuates the cycle and hinders your heath. Designate a set time for your work, rest and fun. That may mean not taking work home with you, or not working on weekends. It may even be as simple as not checking your email before you get to work!

5. Meditate

Meditation and mindfulness will still your mind, and in turn, relax your body. Our friends at Audio Mental Training provide you with a number of Mindfulness Meditation programs that you can download and start using immediately (our favourite is Optimal Health). You can find out more by visiting their website HERE.