[REVIEW] Question Everything by B. Tyler Ellis


Question Everything: A fresh new way to read the best selling book of all time

B. Tyler Ellis

Publisher: Dust Storm Books
Rating: 5/5

Reading the Bible can be hard; in fact it can be downright difficult when you consider the volume of text and the centuries of revelation drawn from it. It is a task that many Christians struggle to complete, and enjoy doing, on a daily basis. But the Bible was not designed to be difficult or hard to read; it was penned to shed light on who God is, and that is exactly what Tyler Ellis helps readers experience in his new book Question Everything.

In a culture that demands we accept a singular interpretation and spoon feeds us the meaning of life and the Word, Tyler Ellis, campus minister at the University of Delaware, challenges readers to go back to basics and discover the meaning of the scriptures for themselves. He does this by asking nearly 8,000 questions; one for each verse of the New Testament.  They are simple, concise and to the point. Instead of offering an interpretation of why Christ acted in a particular way, or what we as believers are meant to do in response, he leaves the pages open for us to read, explore and pray before we answer each question.

Theology students and connoisseurs of the word will be delighted with Tyler’s consideration of details; each question is asked in the context of the chapter, enabling readers to find the answers within the text. Yet even more than this, the format of Question Everything gives you permission to ponder every verse as an accompaniment to the Bible. You are given the autonomy to hear from God, to read his Word, and to allow the Spirit to interpret what you are reading. Concluding each chapter by asking readers how it applies to themselves, God and others, an understanding of each chapter and book is developed. Not shying away from the verses or themes we so often try to avoid, Question Everything prompts you connect the dots and seek out understanding of the more challenging words and verses we may once have skimmed over.

Perfect for those of us wanting to read the word with new eyes; families wanting to explore the Bible together; small groups wanting to question the nitty gritty; and new Christians gaining a grasp of what the Bible actually says; Question Everything is a resource that stands out from the rest because it allows readers to explore the Bible at their pace, and does so with the belief that the living, breathing nature of the Word will bring them the revelation and deeper understanding of God they are so longing for.

Developed to assist his students in their own journey of the Bible, Tyler’s book is a humble, unassuming offering, inexplicably rooted in the Scriptures. Reviewed with high recommendations from numerous respected theologians, authors and pastors, including Ray Comfort (Way of the Master) and Leonard Sweet (Author of The Jesus Manifesto), the credibility and sound scriptural foundation of this resource is undeniable.

This book is perfect for people who possess a passion to fully understand the Bible in a relevant, convicting and bite sized manner. Whether it is used as a personal devotional or guide for a Bible study, Tyler’s effort to question every verse of the New Testament means you only need grab a pen and jump on board his well-crafted exploration of the solid words and facts found in the Bible. Proving that reading the Bible does not have to be a difficult or mundane task, Question Everything provides readers with the opportunity to truly experience the word of God for themselves.

Ten percent of the author’s royalties for ‘Question Everything’ go to One Verse, a sponsorship initiative of the Seed Company which works to translate the Bible into new languages.