Sunrise Is Calling Your Name

Close your eyes tightly.
Breathe in.
Feel the night air against your skin.
Sense its passing over you.
Breathe out.

The night is long, but your heart wears boots
made to tread the unrelenting desert path.
Lace them up. Pull the blanket a little closer.
This moment won’t last.
Remember how you defeated the dragons last night.

This heaviness is not your calling card,
This pain is not your armour.
Allow hope to flicker again.
Begin to believe in the morning.
Begin to believe that the light is winning.

Remember the sounds of the birds singing.
Hear the sound of the crickets chirping.
Know that the earth has rotated on its axis turning night to day since time began.
You are not an exception to the rule.
You will see the morning.

There are a million neurons under your skin
They wrestle between wake and sleep.
See, even while you rock silently in the darkness,
Your body is fighting to stay alive.
“Soon,” it tells one atom to another, “Soon, we will see the morning.”

The message is passed on like a baton from your head to your heart,
And there in the night you light up like a newborn galaxy,
Brilliant colours are painted across your heart,
They cover your scars.
And what everyone called death turns into your becoming.

The night is dark, but your heart is brighter.
Because you’re the phoenix rising from the ashes,
And your strength is calling to sunrise.
“Come,” it whispers. “Come,”
“You will see the morning.”

When the insomnia is unrelenting,
And you forget why you started.
You will see the morning.

When your soul aches,
But your heart refuses to give up.
You will see the morning.

When the darkness screams in echoes,
And you struggle to reach for the light.
You will see the morning.

When you relapse, or change isn’t coming
Like you were promised.
You will see the morning.

When your day is night,
And you need a reason to stay.
You will see the morning.

The night will pass.
This moment will pass.
The sunrise is calling your name, and inviting you to join its song.
There is hope yet.
You will see the morning.

Brilliant Colours Ace Carino