Oh Joe, How Times Have Changed


For years the Jonas Brothers have been the ‘good boys’ of the TV and music industry. The type of pop stars you didn’t minds your daughter crushing on, because you wouldn’t mind your daughter having a nice, clean, cut boy (with a promise ring) who would take care of her. And let’s face it, in of terms celebrity crushes, the Jonas Brothers were a ridiculously safe choice for any tween dreaming of a fairy tale.

But now that could have all changed.

Joe Jonas just released his new music video titled, ‘Just in Love’. A pretty big step for a man (yes, he is 22) who has been in the shadow of his two brothers since they first stepped out into the music industry about five years ago.

I would expect something a bit more ‘grown up’ from Joe. He is trying to cement his place in the music industry as a solo artist. Furthermore, he has to shrug of the ‘Disney’ tag which granted him so much success earlier on. So how does 22-year-old Joe Jonas accomplish this? By releasing a sultry, sexy, soulful video about a romp in Paris with his onetime Parisian love.

Shocked? I was.

In the past, there was speculation about whether he would have that fateful kiss with co-star Demi Lovato during Disney Film ‘Camp Rock 2’. Somehow, that now seems irrelevant. It would seem that the days of the purity ring and the promises of happily ever after are gone. Now, the world can see Joe Jonas passionately embracing a beautiful woman while rolling around on bed sheets and sitting in the bath tub. I would say there is little doubt that Joe Jonas has left his boy hood behind.

So is this a good thing or a bad thing? Most of the world doesn’t care. We see celebrities gyrating every day on television. Who does abstinence these days anyway? It would seem there are very few. And he is, after all, 22. This video is just a reflection of a young man growing up and discovering himself. And overall, the video isn’t too sexy. No one appears naked or anything, so what’s the problem?

Yes, all the above statements are probably true. And let’s face it, it is better for Joe to reveal his ‘true’ self rather than hide behind the good Christian persona he has grown up with. It is better to be realistic than a hypocrite. But there is something that does concern me.

The ‘Christian’ stars of Hollywood seem to be falling like dominos. They certainly have a right to express or change of beliefs, just as any other human being does. And what they go through spiritually is similar to any other person. But every time I hear a story about a ‘Christian’ celebrity ‘dropping the ball’ by something that potentially compromises their faith, it concerns me. Because their behaviour doesn’t just affect THEIR lives, it affects every single one of their fans as well.

And when you have tween stars like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and even Justin Bieber doing things that aren’t particularly doctrine in the Christian faith where does that leave their fans? Either they are going to gain a warped view of Christianity, or they are going to think that this behaviour is healthy. I’m not saying tattoos are bad at all. But when a person aligns themselves with Christianity and then starts embracing other religions, drugs and promiscuous activity, then something has to change. Otherwise a whole generation will lose the tiny beacon of light left in the entertainment industry now trying to squeeze every inch of pocket money, dreams, and inspiration out of these kids.

I realise there are many people who will disagree with me here. Even other Christians will. They will likely think I am over reacting. I don’t have a problem with that. All I ask is that we consider the influence celebrities have on our lives, and particularly on the lives of young teenagers.

Joe Jonas is growing up. Well, good for Joe Jonas. But when he did it in such a way as he presents himself on his new video, all my hopes that were presented within the Disney/Christian (it’s hard to separate them these days) realm of the entertainment industry were tainted. There is very little good left in this world, and as a long line of stars continue to embrace the celebrity lifestyle, a whole generation loses another chance to learn about what a true, fulfilling life can be like.

Joe Jonas is turning into another Justin Timberlake. I personally have no respect for that. Because even though I see that he could be a brilliant artist, performer and even a lovely person, I have trouble seeing past the womanising façade of so many musicians who exploit themselves and their audience for success and money.

An artist who stays true to their music, their beliefs and their audience? Well, I would prefer to listen to them because they might have something to say that could change the world for the better. If any artist grows up and alters their religious beliefs, that isn’t an issue. That is their personal business. In essence, they have done nothing wrong in the light of the world. And we don’t even know if Joe Jonas has altered his religious beliefs, we only know that he is arguably acting outside these beliefs. Yet when their behaviour changes, so does the behaviour of kids who idolise as they are now sexualised far too early. This is when I would suggest to you that there is a problem. And there seem to be very few people left in the entertainment industry who are willing to fix it.