Taylor Swift: Heartbreaker or heartbroken?

Taylor Swift 2012

It was the news that everybody expected and knew would come to pass sooner rather than later, ‘Haylor’ was defunct. The short, 2 month romance between American sweetheart Taylor Swift and Brit pop star Harry Styles was over after a reported argument during a holiday in the Caribbean.

Just another story for the tabloids to cover, another failed romance for ‘Directioners’ to glorify over and another strike on Taylor Swift’s tally of broken hearts. The fact there was a five year age difference between the two may have had something to do with the split, yet this seems trivial compared to the ten year age gap between Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal back in 2010.

The fact is, none of us will know what destroyed ‘Haylor’ until Swift releases her next album. And if the truth be told, do any of us even care? What is more curious to me, is how a beautiful and successful 23 year-old can have a slew of boys at her feet, yet still have a series of heartbreaks rivaling that of Henry VIII and seem unhappy about being single. For a young lady who is all about reaching for her dreams, inner beauty and girl power, Swift sure does have some baggage.

Let’s take a look at the stats shall we…

‘Jaylor’ (Joe Jonas and  Swift)

They dated for three months back in 2008. It was a picture perfect teen pop romance. Until they broke up with a 27 second phone call. Well, that’s what Taylor told Ellen anyway. Perhaps best known for the song ‘Better than Revenge’ on Swift’s third studio album where she implies that Jonas left her for an actress(aka Camilla Belle) “better known for the things that she does on the mattress”.

‘Taylor’ (Taylor Lautner and Swift)

Awww, how cute. The two Taylor’s met and fell in love after acting in the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’ released in 2010. Somehow everything turned sour and Swift ended the relationship. Best chronicled in ‘Back to December’ where she states “You brought me roses and I left them there to die”.

‘Jaylor’ (This time between John Mayer and Swift)

Who knows how this happened, but Mayer(then 32) and Swift became an item and the serial daters were together for 4 months in late 2009-early 2010. More obviously than with any other relationship, Swift’s song ‘Dear John’ is written directly to her ex saying, “Don’t you think 19 was too young to be messed with?”

‘Jaylor’ (For the third time? Between Jake Gyllenhaal and Swift)

The relationship between Mayer and Swift was confusing enough, but when Swift began dating Gyllenhaal in late 2010 who was ten years her senior is seemed to be a case of de ja vu. It was cute, she got some nice songs out of it (‘All Too Well’) but it fizzled after 4 months.

‘Caylor’ (Conor Kennedy and Swift)

Of all her relationships, this match was arguably the least famous. 18-year-old school boy Kennedy was introduced to Tay and they fell in love. The four year age gap didn’t seem to matter much, especially after Swift brought a house across from his family’s estate. However, when you’re touring the world and your boyfriend is still at school we can guess maintaining a relationship is kind of hard.

‘Haylor’ (Styles and Swift)

While we know they have broken up recently, reports have suggested that these two dated early in March 2012 prior to Swift dating Kennedy. After Haylor was finished (reportedly by Styles as Swift was too much of a prude) Swift tweeted the lyrics to her song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. If you knew he was trouble why did you date him again Taylor?!

Is this serial dating unusual for a 23 year-old? Perhaps the fact that Swift is in the spotlight means that her dating habits are more scrutinised than the average young adults. She still carries herself with class and dignity rarely found in the industry, so perhaps this is simply a case of the fishbowl of Hollywood. Yet the fact that this girl has been in at least 5 serious relationships in the past 4 years, none of them lasting over 4 months still has to concern us.  Not only is she damaging others by partaking in these relationships, she’s hurting herself. Her songs are the soundtrack to a generation of broken hearted teenage girls, but is this worth the price that Swift is paying for an increasingly broken heart?

Perhaps it is time for Swift to wait awhile, and let true love run its course. Maybe it’s a reminder to all of us who are single that true love does not, and should not be rushed. That inclinations and feelings shouldn’t be sought after without a certain amount of logic. And most of all, perhaps we should all, Taylor included, remember that we are worth more than a short lived romance. We are worth a life-long relationship with a gentleman who will not only love us, but challenge us as well.

Let us hope that Taylor soon has a record out filled with songs about hope, and a long-term love she has never before experienced.